stage0-posix release

Jeremiah at Jeremiah at
Sun Oct 3 21:38:50 UTC 2021

Thanks to the incredible efforts of Andrius Štikonas over the last 4
months, today  we announce the release of version 1.4 of stage0-posix.

A culmination of porting M2-Planet to support RISC-V (64bit),
mescc-tools with a huge range of enhancements needed to incorporate
RISC-V support and an incredible amount of work by Andrius Štikonas hand
writing dozens of pieces not only in assembly but also sorting out a
boatload of syntax details need by RISC-V and hand calculating hex
encodings for a "too clever by half" instruction set.

As always all supported architectures are able to cross-verify all other
architectures. And the bootstrap root is under 1024bytes:
392 POSIX/riscv64/hex0-seed
361 POSIX/riscv64/kaem-optional-seed
753 total

and builds to everything needed to bootstrap MesCC, TCC, GCC and Gnu Guix.

The latest release can be found here:

Those wishing to see the pieces leading up to GCC, Gnu Guile (we solved
the psyntax bootstrap problem thanks to Michael Schierl and his amazing
work: )

Can find them here:

- Jeremiah

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