[PATCH] Explain how to contribute to reproducible builds in Guix.

Ludovic Courtès ludo at gnu.org
Wed May 26 09:49:45 UTC 2021

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I thought it could be useful to have pointers to help out on reproducible
builds in Guix, so here we go.  Let me know what you think!


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+layout: default
+title: Contribute to reproducible builds in GNU Guix
+permalink: /contribute/guix/
+This page explains how you can contribute to reproducible builds in
+[GNU Guix](https://guix.gnu.org).
+## Finding reproducibility issues
+You can monitor reproducibility issues by running [`guix
+To further investigate, you can specify one or more packages on the
+command line, and ask it to invoke Diffoscope upon failure:
+guix challenge git \
+  --diff=diffoscope \
+  --substitute-urls="https://ci.guix.gnu.org https://guix.example.org"
+Another option is to rebuild packages locally.  For example, assuming
+you already installed Git on your machine, you can force a rebuild [with
+guix build git --check --no-grafts --keep-failed
+If the new build result differs from the one that was already in store,
+the failed build is kept as `/gnu/store/…-git-1.2.3-check`, allowing you
+to compare it with the original one (without the `-check` suffix).
+## Reporting issues
+Please report issues by sending email to `bug-guix at gnu.org`.  Each
+message opens a new issues visible in the [bug
+When investigating, be sure to check [Debian’s reproducibility issue
+for known problems and solutions.
+You can also discuss these issues with other developers on [the Guix
+development mailing list and on the IRC
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@@ -42,6 +42,10 @@ Reproducible Builds is distro agnostic, which means we care about all the distri
 [Suggestions how to contribute to Reproducible Debian](/contribute/debian/)
+## Contribute to reproducible builds in GNU Guix
+[Suggestions on how to contribute to reproducible builds in GNU Guix](/contribute/guix)
 ## Donate
 Another way to help is to financially support our project. We welcome any

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