Progress on reproducible Debian Live images

Roland Clobus rclobus at
Thu May 13 11:17:53 UTC 2021

Hello Holger and lists,

On 08/05/2021 01:18, Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 10, 2021 at 11:13:03PM +0100, Roland Clobus wrote:
>> I've created a Wiki page that details my progress in creating
>> reproducible live images, since I wrote to these lists on 2020-11-11.
> I believe the wiki page is ready to turn this into a jenkins job, to
> build a live-image twice and feed the results to diffoscope. :)

I like it that Jenkins will take over a lot of the work. Since building
the images requires network access, there might be some differences when
the image is rebuilt. This can be circumvented by using the local cache
that is generated by the first run, a proxy or It
all depends on what you want to achieve with the Jenkins job(s). Let's
talk/brainstorm about that in a live chat (e.g. Jitsi)

> Maybe we could collaborate on this next week?

Sure. This week (with the public holiday) is not so suitable. How about
one of these timeslots: 2021-05-17T20:00CEST, 2021-05-20T15:00,

Will there be other participants?

> I've also seen Steve's honest reply in
> and then Jonathan's and Raphael's replies and I agree
> there should a call for help on d-d-a.

I'm still drafting a follow-up mail. I think that the burden of
maintenance could be reduced by some automated tests. However, for
Debian 11.0 the live images will still be generated with live-wrapper,
to reduce the release-stress and not block the release of Bullseye.

> Because, having live images is something Debian should have.
> And, obviously, these should be reproducible!
> So, thank you, Roland, for documenting what needs to be done in
> ! 

Thanks for the thumbs-up! I hope that a solution can be found to provide
official Debian Live Images which are 100% reproducible.

With kind regards,
Roland Clobus

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