reviving regular IRC meetings

Holger Levsen holger at
Thu Jun 10 08:26:12 UTC 2021


Covid is over so we can meet via IRC again. Or no, wait.
Covid isn't over, so we can still and again meet via IRC! :)

Very seriously, we would like to revive our regular IRC meetings again, to
discuss events and issues in the R-B world, to announce new shiny things
(or new broken stuff), to exchange skills, to ask for help and offer some,
and to keep in touch and what not.

Last time we tried^wdid, we did so every other week for a few months,
this time I think we should rather try one meeting per month (or even
only every two or three?) - that we should discuss in the first meeting.

As usual, I've set up a dudle poll to find the most suitable day and time. has it for this month, please
go there and leave your preferences.

- all times are UTC
- all days are ment as the last day of the month, so if Thu, 24 wins this,
  it means we'll meet on the last Thursday of each month in future.

I'll pick a winning day and time next Thursday, and announce it then too.

Hoping to see you at our next meeting!


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