Reproducible Builds at Threema

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at
Tue Jan 19 16:21:22 UTC 2021

> Hello Holger
>> How is version 4.5 coming along? And have you been in contact with the
>> F-Droid folks about including it there?
> It will probably be released as a final version soon. Regarding F-Droid, we haven't been in touch yet, I still have to investigate whether a build variant with optional play services (for push) would be acceptable, or whether it would need to be a build variant without any traces of play services. There may be an official F-Droid version offered in the future (using licensing from, but we aren't sure about it yet.

I can speak for F-Droid here.  There is no objection to Google or Play Services 
specifically.  The limitation is F-Droid only publishes free software, like 
Debian.  The GCM/FCM libraries are proprietary, so cannot be included in 
F-Droid.  Apps like Tutanota, Firefox, etc. generally make a "free" or "fdroid" 
flavor to handle that.

Another possibility is making a Threema fdroid repo, then you can include any 
APK you want, but users have to subscribe to that repo.  Here's how to get 
started with that:


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