reproducible .pyc files (& python-for-android)

Felix C. Stegerman flx at
Mon Jan 4 17:07:49 UTC 2021

Hi Frederik,

* Frederik Rietdijk <freddyrietdijk at> [2021-01-04 14:48]:
> Recently I spent some time again as well on making the Python interpreters
> in Nixpkgs build reproducibly. The following Nix expression results in
> deterministic builds of the 3.x interpreters we have. Search for
> `determinis` and you will see the changes we do to get there. Maybe it's of
> help to you.

Thanks for the link!  I don't really see anything significantly
different to what I'm doing though.

The issue I had w/ .pyc files was probably caused by something
specific to the GitHub Actions Ubuntu image.

I'm still kind of curious as to what that is, but I don't think it's
currently worth investigating since everything works as expected using
a Debian buster container/VM.

- Felix

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