reproducible .pyc files (& python-for-android)

Bernhard M. Wiedemann bernhardout at
Mon Jan 4 11:48:33 UTC 2021

Am 04.01.21 um 11:23 schrieb Chris Lamb:
> Hi Felix,
>> p4a compiles those with "hostpython -OO -m compileall -b -f" (where
>> hostpython is the cross-compiled Python for the target -- arm64-v8a or
>> armeabi-v7a -- which is thus definitely the same version on both
>> machines).
> As I understand it, recent versions Python can use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
> in its internal py_compile routine to ensure that .pyc files are
> reproducible.

This is not a timestamp issue, though. If those are varying, they are in
the header (first 12 bytes) of the .pyc.

│  000000f0: 6d5a 0d62 6469 7374 5f77 696e 696e 7374  mZ.bdist_wininst
│ -00000100: 5a05 6368 6563 6b5a 0675 706c 6f61 644e  Z.checkZ.uploadN
│ +00000100: da05 6368 6563 6b5a 0675 706c 6f61 644e  ..checkZ.uploadN

I have seen this before and remember something about python string
reference counters being dumped into these pickle files and that varied
from ordering, so that
produced different results than

One way to get reproducible results is to delete and recreate all .pyc
files with
find -type f -a -name "*.py" -print0 |
  sort -z |
  xargs -0 $python_binary -m py_compile

Maybe related: creating .pyc files on i586 and x86_64 (with identical
toolchain) always produced different results for me.

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