rebuilderd 0.18.1 release

kpcyrd kpcyrd at
Fri Dec 17 13:04:51 UTC 2021


I've released v0.18.1 of rebuilderd[1], since the last email the
following things changed:


## 0.18.1

- Update the tails rebuilder script to set $HOME to a temporary
  directory, this fixes a build failure if the environment variable is
  not set.

## 0.18.0

- Publicly log the error message for `rebuilderd: unexpected error while
  rebuilding package` style build failures. This includes errors that
  happen outside of the rebuilder backend, eg if a url for a build
  input or a comparison artifact 404's or otherwise fails.
- Logging was refactored so in case of a fatal error after the rebuilder
  backend started, the fatal error is appended to the existing log
  instead of replacing it.
- Debian: Use the `Filename:` field from Packages.xz to generate
  artifact urls.
- Make the POST body size limit configurable (defaults to 1GB).

## 0.17.0

- It's now possible to use the built-in pacman/apt package discovery
  without setting the `distro` field to archlinux/debian. This allows
  downstreams to use them and drop-in their own rebuilder backends if
  they have any.
- Create new process groups when spawning the rebuilder-backend and kill
  the whole process group on build timeout instead of just the immediate
  child process. This resolves a long-standing issue with occasionally
  stuck builds.

## 0.16.6

- bugfix: `rebuildctl queue push` is now correctly adding package ids to
  the queue instead of pkgbase ids.
- bugfix: if all artifacts of a build group reproduce as GOOD,
  explicitly clear the next_retry field of that build group so it's not
  scheduled again.

## 0.16.5

- bugfix: use the artifact_path instead of the input_path when comparing
  the build output with diffoscope. Previously it would compare the .deb
  with the .buildinfo file which causes diffoscope to crash with a
  runtime exception.

## 0.16.4

- bugfix: reduce the POST body size when doing heartbeat-pings, helps
  avoid 413 errors


Known public instances are listed on

This work is currently funded by myself and through github sponsors[2],
special shoutout to @jvoisin, @SantiagoTorres and @repi for their
contributions. <3



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