Analysing differences in images produced with mkimg and makefs

Chris Lamb chris at
Fri Dec 10 16:57:52 UTC 2021

Hi Fabian,

>> From some experience when doing other ISO/USB stick stuff in the past,
>> your "compatibility goo" theory around slices vs partitions sounds
>> more than credible.
> Unfortunately I'm not sure either.
> I'm not familiar with the libguestfs project at all and
> still haven't checked if their tools even build on FreeBSD
> and thus ElectroBSD.
> If their tools aren't supposed to be portable anyway,
> which seems conceivable to me, contacting them because
> of a BSD-specific issue may be a waste of time for all
> parties involved.

That's true. Although there is a significant difference between
software that supports being *ported* to BSD platforms and software
that supports file-formats *used* on/ by BSD platforms. Particularly
for what is meant to be a general-purpose virtual machine. Hm.


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