Analysing differences in images produced with mkimg and makefs

Chris Lamb chris at
Sun Dec 5 22:27:09 UTC 2021

Hi Fabian,

> Is anyone aware of a tool that can parse images created with
> mkimg that contain an UFS file system created with makefs,
> or a tool that can't deal with the whole image but can work
> with an UFS file system image?
> BTW, the diffoscope output isn't particularly helpful either:

This is something that diffoscope should or could support — indeed, it
already does support a number of filesystem types. Would it be
possible for you to share your two .img files, or at the very least
provide the output of running "file" on them? Comparing bytes manually
is unlikely to be as efficient as getting diffoscope to address your
files in a more human-readable way.

Best wishes,

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