Recoding the configuration for live-build images (Was: Third status update about reproducible live-build ISO images in Jenkins)

Roland Clobus rclobus at
Tue Aug 31 10:11:48 UTC 2021

Hello Chris,

On 30/08/2021 18:58, Chris Lamb wrote:
> One question actually — how might a third-party reproduce these
> images? Or putting the same question in more technical terms — are you
> generating some kind of .buildinfo file that contains (just for
> example's sake) the value of SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH and any other relevant
> inputs, as well as the resulting checksums?

Good question. I was initially interested in getting a reproducible
image, the next step would be record the required steps.
The .buildinfo manpage [1] looks really tightly coupled to packages, so
(in its present form) it cannot record the information needed for
rebuilding a live-build ISO image.

There are a few things required to reproduce the images:
1) The git hash for the live-config repository
2) The value of SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
3) The command line of 'lb config' (which contains the path with
timestamp to the snapshot server)
4) The list of additional packages (e.g. live-task-gnome)
5) The additional 'hacks' required

3, 4 and 5 can also be obtained from the config directory, which is
generated by the 'lb config' command.

If desired, the full configuration for the lb commands could be embedded
into the ISO image.
Then you can, after obtaining a live image, use the config provided
there to rebuild exactly the same image.

With kind regards,
Roland Clobus


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