Android desugaring and reproducible builds

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at
Tue Aug 10 12:36:55 UTC 2021

Hey Marcus,

This is the only documentation of that issue that I know about:

Is this maybe related?


Marcus Hoffmann via rb-general:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone got experience with reproducible builds for Android 
> apps that use the desugaring technique[1].
> We are forced to turn this on for our app as we need to use a library that makes 
> use of the "new" java 8 time APIs but as soon as we do that the resulting apks 
> more or less change completely from build to build:
> A sample of apks and diff output can be found in this diffoscope issue: 
> And yet I've not found anything online or in googles issue tracker that talks 
> about the desugarer being incompatible with reproducible builds. Which I'd hoped 
> would be something someone else noticed if this was a general problem.
> Anyone got any ideas here?
> Best,
> Marcus
> [1]

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