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Roland Clobus rclobus at
Thu Aug 5 13:45:10 UTC 2021

Hello Chris and list,

On 05/08/2021 12:45, Chris Lamb wrote:
>> In order to better grow and understand the Reproducible Builds project
>> and community, a handful of us are in the process of building an
>> "ecosystem map".
> If "% reproducible" doesn't make sense for an entity... [snip]

Looking at Debian (with the perspective that I have), there could be
several metrics regarding reproducibility in percent.

The current metric shows how many of the Debian packages are
reproducibly (going from source to .deb),  but there are also a few
binary files, that are currently distributed, that build on top of that.
E.g. the live-build scripts generate a binary from a config file and
.deb files to an .iso file.

Such binaries would be:
* (netinst/DVD1) Debian-installer images (the official ones or generated
by simple-cdd or ...)
* live images (generated by live-wrapper, live-build or ...)
* Docker images

Would it be useful to add such additional category in the ecosystem?

With kind regards,
Roland Clobus

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