Help us map the reproducible builds ecosystem

Santiago Torres Arias santiago at
Mon Aug 2 16:17:06 UTC 2021

On Mon, Aug 02, 2021 at 11:07:21AM +0100, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hey,
> > In order to better grow and understand the Reproducible Builds project
> > and community, a handful of us are in the process of building an
> > "ecosystem map".
> Thanks to everyone who contributed to this so far. I've spent a little
> time this morning tidying up, merging and elaborating all of your
> input — it is looking a lot more useful and complete now.
> However, can everyone have another look to see if it makes sense to
> them, and of course, whether anything is missing?

I was hesitant to add Purdue here as allied practitioners, but I opted
to do it anyway. I'm starting to ramp up the work on this area in the
very near future, so expect commits from :)

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