Attack on SolarWinds could have been countered by reproducible builds

Bernhard M. Wiedemann bernhardout at
Fri Apr 16 09:18:11 UTC 2021

On 14/04/2021 19.02, Chris Lamb wrote:
> A quick update: as permitted by IEEE, the paper is now available in an
> open access / preprint capacity:

I reviewed the latter and found some issues:

> doing so is inefficient when source code is available for audit

was very confusing to read. I read it multiple times and understood it
as "source code makes audit inefficient" until some time later
re-reading with more context.

Should be something about "auditing source-code is more efficient than
auditing binaries"

> The mechanics of reproducibility testing suggest that this issue would not have been readily discovered another way.

not sure if mechanics are people here or mechanisms - and not sure how
either would suggest something.
Why not "We believe that..." or "Our experience (in rb) leads us to
think..." ?

> However, this has not yet been achieved, partly because time and effort are not inexhaustible or fungible resources in volunteer communities

This is hard to parse, not only because of the double-negation ("not
in-"). Does it mean: Engineers have limited time and volunteers even
more so? And 'fungible' means you can not just put a noob's hour in and
achieve as much as an expert-hour?

For the list of common issues: code compiling with -march=native is a
common occurrence that also is a bug found easily by rb. I often find
that in our HPC and science package sections.

In the debugging section, you only mentioned looking at diffoscope
output. Did you consider adding some of the other useful ways mentioned
in section 2 of ?

and some grammar fixes:

-a extremely mature
+an extremely mature

-tool that recursively unpacks a large number of archive formats and
translate tens of binary formats
+tool that recursively unpacks a large number of archive formats and
translates tens of binary formats

Bernhard M.

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