resuming regular r-b IRC meetings

jathan jathan at
Thu Sep 24 20:09:10 UTC 2020

On 24/09/2020 12:04, Holger Levsen wrote:
> hi,
> so some of us have come to agree that we would like to resume regular
> irc meetings about reproducible builds.
> we propose to generally have general meetings, not specific to any distro,
> which should act as coordination type meetings, where people can share
> news, bring up topics and ask for help and where we discuss these
> things from a high level perspective.
> from there we hope to schedule breakout sessions (or sprints or however
> called) where interested people can discuss specific topics 
> (like '.buildinfo files in debian' or 'python packages in arch linux'
> or whatever). the goal of the general irc meeting should rather be
> to identify such sub topics and track work on them.
> in general we also think that the agenda should always be known in advance,
> so I've also prepared a pad with a (now very) preliminary agenda at
> personally I'd tend to go for bi-weekly meetings but I've put deciding
> this on the agenda for the first meeting already.
> (And then I would go for the 2nd and 4th week of the month, because the
> 1st week is crowded already.)
> To find a day and a time for the 1st meeting I've made a
> - please share your preferences
> there until Tuesday, the 29th, so I can announce the date on the 30th
> of September, so at least a week before the 1st meeting.
> I'm curious to hear what you think too! ;)
Hi Holger!

Thanks for this initiative to have RB IRC regular meetings :) I find
this great! I will attend them and integrate myself more into the team,


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