summary of r-b irc meeting, 20201012

Holger Levsen holger at
Tue Oct 13 16:31:16 UTC 2020


so we had our first IRC meeting and 12 people participated, yay!

The automated summary is at

we had two action items:
- vagrant will provide a summary of the brainstorming topic
- sangy or aparcar[m] or both will try to revive the topic of rb-format

we agreed to:
- have meta-type meetings in general (and do special topic meetings as needed)
- have meta-type meetings every 14 days
- have meta-type meetings last 60min at maximum (though do overtime when needed as opposed to cut of after 60min)
- have meta-type meetings at 18 UTC until two (or more) people request a poll to change that time

we also:
- brainstormed ideas for dedicated topic meetings
- discussed
- discussed rb-format (see the thread starting at

The next meeting will take place on:
     Monday, the 26th of October
     at 18:00 UTC
     on #reproducible-builds on
     the agenda is at

I'm looking forward to see you there!


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