Disabling automatic notifications in #reproducible-builds

kpcyrd kpcyrd at rxv.cc
Thu Nov 12 17:56:35 UTC 2020


Since the list is fairly low traffic and most discussion happens in the
irc channel anyway I'd like to suggest moving most, if not all,
notifications by KGB-{1,2} into a different channel.

I suspect that only very few people actually use them and valuable
discussion disappears quickly into distant backlog due to these
notifications. I could /ignore the bots, but unless everybody does that
it's going to hinder discussion, and instead of all of us doing that we
could just move the bots instead. I'd prefer if the "unread messages"
indicator by my irc client actually indicates active discussion instead
of diffoscope being outdated in MacPorts.

I've suggested this in the irc channel a few times but I assume most
people have never seen that suggestion because it was promptly moved
away by KGB-1 and -2 :)

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