Announcing rebuilderd 0.5.0

kpcyrd kpcyrd at
Tue Nov 3 02:44:00 UTC 2020

Today rebuilderd[1] 0.5.0 has been released. rebuilderd is the software powering and the other Arch Linux rebuilders. It
relies on repro[2] by Foxboron as a backend for Arch Linux.

This setup has successfully bit-for-bit verified 81.4% of the packages we ship
to users, and 95.3% of our [core] repo. The list of known rebuilders can be
found here[3]. For more details please see the arch conf talk[4] about the
current state of reproducible builds in Arch Linux.

This release features:

- Reduce sqlite db locking issues
- Introduce automatic retries
- Introduce queue priorities
- Support picking up ip from reverse proxy
- Add scheduler integration tests
- Automatically abort builds after 24h
- Add build time to api reponse
- Add cargo-deb configs
- Download the package with rust instead of wget

The update is available as an Arch Linux package, remember to restart the
daemon and your workers after updating, rebuilderd-worker 0.4.0 can't be used
with a 0.5.0 rebuilderd daemon.

Instructions to setup your own rebuilder can be found in the Arch

There are pre-compiled binaries available for debian at:

We'd like to thank @repi for their support on github sponsors[6].


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