rebuilding Maven Central Repository artifacts: welcome reproducible-central

Hervé Boutemy hboutemy at
Sun Mar 29 09:00:45 UTC 2020

Le samedi 28 mars 2020, 19:31:07 CEST Holger Levsen a écrit :
> HiHervé,
> On Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 06:33:12PM +0100, Hervé Boutemy wrote:
> > I'd like to announce a new important step for Reproducible Builds for the
> > JVM: reproducible-central.
> > 
> > The intent is to provide easy to run reproducible recipes, to let anyone
> > rebuild a component from Central Repository that is expected to be
> > reproducible and check that the result is as expected.
> wow, neato!
> > See for the
> > current list of project releases that are rebuilt and checked (with
> > sometime only partial success).
> :
> :) I expect this list to grow quite a bit :)
yes, it takes time: even when projects update their build, the result is 
visible only on next release, which may take time.
But with the new visibility this reproducible central table gives, I hope 
interest in being integrated in the table will rise 

> Thanks for sharing and looking forward for more great news like this!
I'll need community here to define what can be done next and how (and I mean 
done, not dream: I have a lot of dreams that seem inaccessible...)

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