setting -fdebug-prefix-map via envvar

Chris Lamb chris at
Fri Jun 26 11:51:33 UTC 2020

Bill Allombert wrote:

> The issue is that adding -fdebug-prefix-map=PREFIX to CFLAGS
> leads to PREFIX leaking in buildlogs and in generated Makefiles and
> similar files that can end up inside packages, making previously
> reproducible packages unreproducible.

Let's all take a step back for a second before we get into specific
solutions that might just be papering over the problem.

Can you just clarify the exact context and/or use-case here? I ask
because -fdebug-prefix-map is usually set via CFLAGS via
dpkg-buildflags (rather than manually, as your use of the word
"adding" could be implying).

Indeed, Debian packages should be respecting flags set from via the
dpkg-buildflags mechanism, so specifically asking about
-fdebug-prefix-map at all sounds like something else is going and we
aren't asking the right question here yet.

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