Please review the draft for May's report

Daniel Shahaf d.s at
Mon Jun 8 05:52:11 UTC 2020

Chris Lamb wrote on Sun, 07 Jun 2020 22:50 -0000:
> Hi Leo,
> > Thanks for featuring WalletScrutiny! My original mail to the list had not
> > yielded feedback, so I was a bit surprised :D  
> I can't speak for anyone else of course but I've been quite busy with
> other stuff so your mail kept being pushed down my mental stack. I am
> sure that another contributors members will be able to provide some
> feedback.

I saw your announcement.  It all sounded good and sensible, but
I didn't have anything to say beyond that and generic pleasantries, so
I assumed someone else would respond with more specific input.

Besides, there was no question, no concrete request, no clickable URL…



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