Use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH with GNU install

David Kleuker post at
Wed Jul 22 20:33:54 UTC 2020

> Chris Lamb <chris at> hat am 22.07.2020 17:06 geschrieben:
> Ludovic Courtès wroteP
> > Perhaps diffoscope should omit the creation time by default?
> It has done so since version 146, released in May 2020:

I use NixOS stable (version 20.03.2625.9ea61f7bc44) which has diffoscope  version 136.

But i can easily use version 151 from unstable. With that i don't get this messages.

[davidak at nixos:~]$ nix run -f channel:nixos-unstable diffoscope -c diffoscope /nix/store/cwmpm1kk3pfw1d5x5wfv691fw378gsjl-agave-16 /nix/store/8p0bn5y6nlcrkclz4vz4rxjycs2imiwl-agave-16

So that solves my issue.

Thank you two for the fast response and your amazing work in general!

kind regards

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