[rb-general] Quick reproducible test for GNU Guix

Christopher Baines mail at cbaines.net
Wed Feb 12 08:58:13 UTC 2020

Ludovic Courtès <ludo at gnu.org> writes:

>> Eventually, I'd like to do more systematic test of guix packages, with
>> published logs per-package, rather than whatever I happened to build on
>> the system so far, but this was a quick start to help flesh out ideas
>> for feature requests to "guix challenge" to make this all easier... more
>> on that soon!
> That’d be great!
> Related to that, Christopher Baines developed a nice feature for the
> Guix Data Service during and after the summit: for each Guix revision,
> there’s a page showing the overall package reproducibility status based
> on the info obtained from our two independent build farms.  The URL is
> something like
> <http://data.guix.gnu.org/revision/e7ce4ef997c3db4d47d943c3e435f395b278bc50/package-reproducibility>
> (right now it’s empty for some reason, but normally it shows
> identical/different/inconclusive percentages.)


This should be back working now. I changed how cross derivations are
stored and handled, and that broke this page. It's now back showing at
least something, but there's still some work to do before it's showing
representative data.

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