[rb-general] [Debian] just how do you set the umask that setting it back to 022 doesn’t work?

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Fri Feb 7 18:55:13 UTC 2020

Vagrant Cascadian dixit:

>It is set from a pbuilder configuration file:
>  https://salsa.debian.org/qa/jenkins.debian.net/blob/d1f68a8001ff9e5de7d8eea03fb3ebc43a5ea4a5/bin/reproducible_build.sh#L682

.oO(why does Gitlab not manage to position the line numbers
correctly… had to download that and load it with a text editor
to find the place)

I can reproduce this by adding “umask 0002” to /etc/pbuilderrc
then building normally with cowbuilder.

OK, this really is unfun. I’ve added debugging to the build…


… and all of them show the expected value (0002 for dh *,
0022 in execute_after_dh_auto_clean, override_dh_auto_configure,
override_dh_auto_build and twice fn__build_zip), but the PKZIP
archives created by cmake STILL have 664 instead!

@cmake maintainers — perhaps you can shed a light on this?

The code that creates the PKZIP archives is this:


fn__build_zip() is called to create a META-INF/container.xml
and add that and the other file (ROOTFILE parameter) to a
PKZIP archive with fn__build_zip(). The ROOTFILE file comes
from the origtgz (and thus should have the correct permissions,
unless tar does not extract them right).

The built musescore3-common then has a file, for example,
/usr/share/mscore3-3.2/workspaces/Advanced.workspace, like…

… erm…

$ unzip -lvv Advanced.workspace
Archive:  Advanced.workspace
 Length   Method    Size  Cmpr    Date    Time   CRC-32   Name
--------  ------  ------- ---- ---------- ----- --------  ----
     134  Defl:N      103  23% 2020-02-07 19:04 6b2e0a94  META-INF/container.xml
  136628  Defl:N     9102  93% 2020-02-07 19:04 bfc42790  Advanced.xml
--------          -------  ---                            -------
  136762             9205  93%                            2 files

… nowhere in there does it say any Unix permissions.
Are those really stored in the PKZIP archive, or are
we seeing a bug in the comparison (diffoscope called
with umask 002 still active)?

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