[rb-general] [Debian] just how do you set the umask that setting it back to 022 doesn’t work?

Thorsten Glaser tg at debian.org
Thu Feb 6 22:49:18 UTC 2020


I’m trying the list eMail address at Alioth listed on
and, assuming it won’t work, another. I hope I found the right list.

In variations testing, you’re setting umask to 002 in the second
build for Debian rebuilds. Just HOW do you do that that even dh(1)
changing its umask back to 022 at startup (before init() even!),
as requested in #944691, doesn’t work?

was rebuilt with an umask-resetting debhelper, yet I still see a
difference in output having to do with umask applying to generated
files. I cannot figure out where this comes from nor a fix.

Assistance is welcome ☻

Thanks in advance,
11:56⎜«liwakura:#!/bin/mksh» also, i wanted to add mksh to my own distro │
i was disappointed that there is no makefile │ but somehow the Build.sh is
the least painful built system i've ever seen │ honours CC, {CPP,C,LD}FLAGS
properly │ looks cleary like done by someone who knows what they are doing

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