[rb-general] Stage0 Release 0.4.0, M2-Planet Release 1.5.0 and mescc-tools-seed Release 1.2

Orians, Jeremiah (DTMB) OriansJ at michigan.gov
Mon Feb 3 10:38:41 UTC 2020

Today I am pleased to announce the following releases:

In stage0 we have gained hand written (in assembly) C compilers for:
AMD64 :: cc_amd64.s
Knight :: cc_knight-native.s and cc_knight-posix.s
ARMv7l :: cc_armv7l.s
AArch64 :: cc_aarch64.s
Along with C High level prototypes for all of them 
(All of the above was completed in a 4 hour speed run)

In M2-Planet we gained more posix primitives and thanks to recent fuzzing have dropped a considerable number of possible segfaults.
Knight-native gained support for large binaries (2GB)
Oh and to bury the lead a bit.
Deesix single handedly ported AArch64 support into M2-Planet! (up next RISC-V [32 and 64bit])

In mescc-tools-seed we eliminated all binaries (not that there was much anyway)
So you'll have to clone https://github.com/oriansj/bootstrap-seeds  if you want a generated 357byte hex0 binary

- Jeremiah

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