Office Hours / Ask Me Anything 2021-01-07 18:00-20:00 UTC

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at
Mon Dec 7 19:21:50 UTC 2020

We will set aside some time to be available for asking questions about
anything related to Reproducible Builds.

This is an opportunity to ask introductory questions and is intended to
be welcoming to newcomers, though of course, any questions relating to
Reproducible Builds should be fair game!

We had fun at the first session:

So we are going to try this again!

Our next session is planned for January 7th, 18:00 UTC going until 20:00

The location will be in the #reproducible-builds
channel. If you are new to IRC, there is a web interface available:

Remember to wait for a few minutes after asking a question, to give
people a chance to respond. Once you have joined the channel, even if
there is a conversation already going, jump right in, no need to ask
permission to speak!

Please share this with anyone or with any networks where you think there
might be people interested in Reproducible Builds.


live well,
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