Evaluation of bundling .buildinfo in .deb proposal

Chris Lamb lamby at debian.org
Mon Aug 31 22:58:03 UTC 2020

Hi Holger,

> > (As an obiter dictum, are we sure it was Holger who was proposing this
> > idea in the talk, rather than mentioning it? I think he has previously
> > echoed my view on the "no special tools" principle, hence this minor
> > remark. Am willing to be corrected either way.)
> yes, it was me who proposed it (watch my dc20 talk! :) and who still
> thinks it's a good idea.

Ah, I am clearly misremembering both parts. I must have incorrectly
connected you mentioning the idea with you repeating it from someone
else. (I was very much present at your talk although I admit I did not
  rewatch it in order to write my message earlier today.)

I am also clearly misremembering a discussion on the actual merits of
the idea from our summit meetings. But it is of no real consequence,
and you would surely be 'allowed' to change your mind in any case. :)

> finally, I'm sorry if I come across harsh. I feel pressured and misunder-
> stood and that I need to react now. I wish I felt different.

Oof, I am sorry to hear that. It will likely be of no real help to
you, but like Guillem implied in his own email, this was not my
intention. In fact, it was quite the opposite — I was trying to ensure
that your views were accurately represented. I suspect I share much of
the frustration that underlies this.


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