Shall we partecipate in Outreachy Winter 2020?

Chris Lamb chris at
Mon Aug 17 16:58:03 UTC 2020

Mattia Rizzolo wrote;

> the next Outreachy season is coming, and as so I'd like to hear your
> opinions on whether we should participate in it.
> In particular, I'm looking for good proposals that might not be the
> usual ones we put up some years ago when we last participated (see
> for what we did).

If it helps, we are looking for (for example) workflow changes, large
refactoring work, new features of our tools, specific reproducibility
fixes, etc. etc.  But crucially they should fit in that sweet spot of
(a) requiring more time and energy than a weekend project, but (b) are
also not too complicated that they would take forever and that (c)
they are actually possible to 'complete' in a satisfactory manner.

If they could (d) benefit a lot of people and have a big impact, that
would naturally be beneficial over a potential 'personal' need… :)


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