I would love to expand WalletScrutiny to Linux but how?

Chris Lamb chris at reproducible-builds.org
Sat Aug 1 15:00:05 UTC 2020

Hi Leo,

> On Android many developers reacted allergic to their app not being reproducible.
> "After all they develop it for free as open source." and when I say "proof it!",
> they usually don't turn more friendly but I try to distinguish between the
> developer who owes me nothing and the release maintainer who should
> have some accountability when providing a wallet application to the general
> public.

(This does not address your question about extending to Linux, but...)

Could you describe this phenomenon and interaction pattern with
Android developers in more detail? I would particularly interested in
what incentives, thought patterns or obstacles you believe you are
encountering here.

I ask because a big part of the purpose of "Reproducible Builds"
existing as a community/project is education, ie. to reach out to other
communities so we can work together towards common goals.
Understanding what other communities' incentives are is therefore
highly instructive in working out how we can collaborate, and I don't
believe I have a firm grasp on the Android perspective.

Best wishes,

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