make translatable?

Daniel Shahaf danielsh at
Wed Apr 29 09:49:02 UTC 2020

Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote on Wed, 29 Apr 2020 10:44 +0200:
> Mattia Rizzolo:
> > I didn't check, but is the proposed framework able to properly track
> > translation updates?  
> Of course, that's an essential part of any localization process.

What happens between the update of an English original and the time an
update translation is pulled and deployed?  Will there be, say,
"English last updated on: ${DATE1} / This translation last updated on:
${DATE2}" information on the translated page?  (I don't see anything
like that on fdroid which you linked to, but that doesn't mean much.)

Personally, I'd even consider putting on the translated page a link to
a diff view of the changes to the English page between ${DATE2} and
${DATE1}, for the benefit of any English-speaking readers of the
translation.  Ideally we'd link to a rendered markdown diff (because we
can't assume all readers are comfortable with reading markdown in raw
form) but gitlab doesn't support that [1], so we'd have to link to the
regular or side-by-side diff view or to a mirror of the repository.


> The first merge request is ready for review:




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