welcome reproducible-maven-HEAD with 29% success so far

Hervé Boutemy hboutemy at apache.org
Sat Apr 4 10:17:42 UTC 2020


After reproducible-central that shows public releases that are reproducible, 
we had an issue for Maven releases: we detected that a build was not 
reproducible *after the release*...

Welcome reproducible-maven-HEAD, the Reproducibility Check for Apache Maven 
master HEADs

You'll see that on our 89 sub-projects, 26 have currently reproducible builds 
waiting for the next release.
This puts us at *29% reproducible builds*

I know this figure can easily be improved, by simply upgrading parent poms and 
adding the project.build.outputTimestamp property

At which rate will we be in 1 week?

When will we reach 100% HEAD reproducibility?

And when will we reach 100% reproducibility for latest release? (this one will 
take more time, because we have one vote for each release...)



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