[rb-general] Capstone projects for PSU

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at reproducible-builds.org
Fri Mar 29 21:58:24 CET 2019

Hi folks!

A professor at Portland State University suggested we make a proposal
for student capstone projects, where Reproducible Builds would
essentially be a "client" with specifications and requirements and then
~7 students work as a part-time to design and build something to meet
those requirements over the course of several months.

Any suggestions for projects ideas that could be useful to build a new
feature, or even design something from the ground up, that might take a
few months?

We wouldn't even need to work closely with them as mentors, but we would
need to spell out the requirements well enough up front for them to run
with it.

I'm a little short on ideas myself, but this just came to me:

* Tool to make classification suggestions based on diffoscope output and
  a the existing classes of known issues.

* Extend or use autoprovenance, autoclassify and/or reprotest to bisect
  issues systematically.

Some combination or fleshing out of those, or, of course other ideas
would be welcome!

live well,
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