[rb-general] advice on stashing compiler options in a binary

Eric Myhre hash at exultant.us
Wed Mar 20 16:46:12 CET 2019

On 3/20/19 12:19 PM, Orians, Jeremiah (DTMB) wrote:
>> In today's world, or you can easily create full containers or at least chroot sandboxes, those are pretty easy to recreate.
> Or a simpler option, fully static binaries like those M2-Planet creates.
> https://github.com/oriansj/M2-Planet
> Where there is no possible input that could possibly create non-deterministic output.
> Build directories, paths, timestamps, library paths, host instruction set or any other of that nonsense, just doesn't matter.

This seems like a good moment to mention the term "path-agnostic".

Static linked binaries are path-agnostic; but not all path-agnostic 
things need be static linked.  For those who consider static linking 
verboten for whatever reason... there's still options to escape the 

(If you have the patience for videos, I gave a talk which defines this 
term and has other ways to get there: 

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