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Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at debian.org
Sun Mar 17 07:19:22 CET 2019

On 2019-03-16, megha Varshney wrote:
> This side Megha Varshney, an Outreachy applicant from India. I found this
> project really interesting and would love to contribute to this. I am new
> to open Source hence would appreciate help in order to dive deeper in open
> source.

Thanks for taking an interest in Reproducible Builds, and welcome to our
community! I see you already signed up for an account on salsa; that's a
good start.

It would be good to try and follow up with something specific that
interests you, as there are a lot of possibilities. Try to narrow it
down to a few things, and ask specific questions about them.

Code, documentation, and our test infrastructure are located here:


Communication is largely done on mailing lists and irc, and this page
has additional information about making contributuions as well:


live well,
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