[rb-general] Debian buster, 54% reproducible in practice (Re: Core Debian reproducibility: 57% and rising!)

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it's been some time... ;)

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 07:27:31AM +0000, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> David A. Wheeler wrote on Mon, 29 Oct 2018 06:22 -0400:
> > >I would skip the numbers or put them last in the news bit.

I'm working on something like this now, and hope to have it ready by tomorrow
evening. We'll see. 

> > I like the idea of including the non real world percentage as well, and 
> > explaining the difference. Any suggestions on text that would do that?
> This is as far as I got, based on your text:
> ---
> For a long time, over 93% of all source packages in the Debian archive
> (25561 out of 27427) have been known to be [reproducible in a laboratory
> environment][1].  Last week, Vagrant Cascadian [probed the package
> archives][2] and found that in current Debian Sid, **57% of the binary
> packages installed in a minimal system** are verifiably reproducible (88
> out of 154).
> While 57% is a lower figure, it is a more substantial statistic: it is
> not a measure of packages that behave well under carefully controlled
> conditions, but of actual "real world" Debian artifacts, that get
> installed on end-user systems, that have successfully been reproduced in
> the field.  Furthermore, this statistic only considers essential core
> packages that are installed on all Debian systems.

I've looked at almost all packages in buster/amd64 now, these are the
results gathered by

ftp.debian.org package reproducibility statistics including packages (currently) in an unknown state
packages in unknown reproducibility state in buster/amd64: 6074: (10.5700%)
reproducible packages in buster/amd64: 27740: (48.2700%)
unreproducible packages in buster/amd64: 23644: (41.1500%)
total number of packages in buster/amd64: 57458

ftp.debian.org package reproducibility statistics of packages in known states only
reproducible packages in buster/amd64: 27740: (53.9800%)
unreproducible packages in buster/amd64: 23644: (46.0100%)

reproducible binNMUs in buster/amd64: 0: (0%)
unreproducible binNMU in buster/amd64: 6403: (12.4600%)

These are the numbers for real .debs downloaded from ftp.debian.org,
for which 2 or more buildinfo files exist, which reproduced a deb with
the very same sha1 hash.

I also tried to download the .buildinfo files for all the packages found
as unreproducible here, but couldn't get any. I think I'll need to try
this again and harder.

The problem with binNMUs is described in length at #894441 and should be
revisited at the beginning of the bullseye development cycle or possibly

For now, my headline for this is "Debian Buster: 93% reproducible in
theory, 54% in practice". And while I'm saddened by the 'downgrade' in 
percentage, I'm delighted we've reached the next level: real world 
reproducibility. I'm also hopeful we'll find ways to climb from 54% to
somewhat higher soon. 

Though without solving #894441 we cannot reach much higher than 80% 
(because 93% is the current theoretic maximum, of which we need to 
distract 12% binNMUs...)


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