[rb-general] Bug#926242: jenkins.debian.org: Please test reproducibility status of Debian Installer images

Philip Hands phil at hands.com
Wed Jun 5 22:45:16 UTC 2019

Philip Hands <phil at hands.com> writes:
> I failed to resist that, so I _think_ this sed command implements the
> same effect as those greps/seds & awk:
>   sed -ne '/^deb[[:space:]]\+cdrom/d;
>            /\(security.debian.org\|volatile.debian.\(net\|org\)\)/d;
>            /^deb[[:space:]]\+.*[[:space:]]\+main/{
>              s,\(deb[[:space:]]\+\(\[[^]]*\][[:space:]]\+\|\)[^[:space:]]*\).*$,\1,;
>              s,^deb file,deb copy,;
>              s,/* *$,,;
>              p
>            }'

I seem to have neglected to type the line I had intended saying "If
this change needs to wait for post-buster anyway, then we could cut down
the number of sed/grep invocations".

This was not meant as a suggestion that we should do this sort of thing
this late, particularly since the suggested patch may actually be broken
if it's supposed to be able to deal with, e.g.:

  deb [arch=amd64] file:///...

because that won't currently end up as:

  deb [arch=amd64] copy:///...

so I completely sympathise with Cyril's caution.

Cheers, Phil.
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