[rb-general] file(1) now with seccomp support enabled

Chris Lamb lamby at debian.org
Mon Jul 22 21:25:46 UTC 2019

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Hi Christoph,

> Overall, I'm just asking to keep an eye on possible breakage, also
> check the kernel log.

I noticed that there were a number of recent regressions in previously
reproducible Java packages being tested by the Reproducible Builds
project's CI platform which I could identify as being caused by our
strip-nondeterminism tool.

However, as there was a very recent change to some strip-nondeterminism
code that uses "monkey patching" I was predisposed to believe that was
the cause, but it eventually turned out to be the call to file(1)
missing a --no-sandbox parameter (where supported / appropriate).

It did not even occur to check my kernel log as you suggest — it was
only when quickly hacking in a:

            strace -eexecve -f dh_strip_nondeterminism

… to my test package that I figured the file(1) process was being
killed (without returning any output) with SIGCHLD that things were
perhaps lower-level in nature. This has been resolved in strip-
nondeterminism 1.3.0, uploaded this afternoon.

This mail is not a request for anything, but rather a general heads-up
for you and a way of "keyword stuffing" various terms the above
paragraphs into search indexes for the benefit of others looking for
perhaps-obscure issue like this in the future. It is also an implicit
thanks for pushing security hardening features. :)

Best wishes,

     : :'  :     Chris Lamb
     `. `'`      lamby at debian.org 🍥 chris-lamb.co.uk

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