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Elio Qoshi elio at ura.design
Sat Jan 19 01:12:07 CET 2019

Hey Chris,

I was referring to both parts of the work being done in tandem, but as the style guide serving as a single source of truth, that would be the first place to start before doing changes to the website, generally speaking. I can see though why you say that as I I had another close look at the website (from a proper desktop browser now) and I see your point. The style guide was not designed to be used as a layout for the website, it was designed to provide assets and components only, so I was surprised you chose to use that as a layout. In my understanding, the website would be something separate, used for promotional and documentation purposes, so the philosophy should be different.

As I see it right now, you might have more usage for an actual redesign help of the website, completely separate from the style guide.

It would be good to know what other struggles you had with the visuals so we can address that.

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On Saturday, January 19, 2019 12:55 AM, Chris Lamb <lamby at debian.org> wrote:

> Hi Elio,
> > Ideally, we could scope for both Website and Style Guide, but starting
> > from the style guide and then going downstream to website improvements.
> Unfortunately this not the optimal approach for us as the style
> guide is essentially an entirely-standalone and abstract site;
> our only real web presence is our website, not the guide after
> all.
> In other words, we would far prefer — if anything — for
> improvements to our website itself and not be tragically unused on
> a separate guide document, however well created and subsequently
> curated & updated.
> (I understand your enthusiasm and eagerness in wishing to get this
> rolling, but please defer engaging the Learning Lab for the time
> being until we have a lot more clarity on requirements, priority
> and the scope of such a project.)
> Regards,
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