[rb-general] Style Guide Updates

Chris Lamb lamby at debian.org
Fri Jan 18 20:47:24 CET 2019


> > We tend to write Markdown, not HTML, after all so having copy-pastable
> > snippets is less compelling to me, priority-wise. This also goes for
> > the non-Javascript "story" but this is less interesting as the
> > situation is somewhat-satisfactory right now.
> Here's a vote for making the reproducible builds site completely
> functional without Javascript.
> What an insane idea it is that […]

As we don't have a need for copy-pastable snippets, we don't need
for a JS fallback for these copy-pastable snippets by definition.
Thus, there's nothing to vote on here.

(Nor convince me of; you're preaching to the choir.)


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