[rb-general] Finding Packages With Tests

Omar Navarro Leija omarsa at seas.upenn.edu
Thu Feb 21 16:56:05 CET 2019


I'm part of a team at UPenn researching tools for building package
reproducibly. We use the Debian Apt Repo for our testing. Currently, we're
verifying "correctness" for our builds, that is, does the package not only
build reproducibly, but work as intended after running through our tool.

We have manually verified packages like blender, clang, latexmk, work by
building them, and then running them manually.

I know some packages come with built in unit tests that run during build
time, which is the reason behind the DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck flag. I want
to find these packages with tests and run them.

Is there some way to identify which packages which have built in tests?
We're working with Debian Wheezy currently.

Thanks for any advice!

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