[rb-general] What is the goal of reproducible builds?

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Thu Dec 19 11:57:01 UTC 2019

Hi Bernhard,

On Mon, Dec 09, 2019 at 02:39:43PM +0100, Bernhard M. Wiedemann wrote:
> The goal of reproducible builds is to reduce the likelyhood of running
> software that was corrupted (during build)
> At https://etherpad.opensuse.org/p/reproduciblebuilds-goal
> I added a small FAQ around it. You are welcome to contribute there with
> refinements or extra questions+answers (because discussions on mailing
> lists are often not easy to condense into such a document).
> We can still use the ML about discussion of how we discuss this :-)
> background:
> At the summit we had a session on how/what the r-b/verification
> User-Experience (e.g. of apt) should be and found that it should be
> shaped by the goal of r-b.
> Since I could not find this goal documented yet, I am sending this mail
> to get it fleshed out and then added to the website - on main page and
> in docs/ .

awesome, thank you!

As mail tends to get lost, I've now created an issue for this:



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