[rb-general] upgrading (some) test nodes to buster

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Sat Aug 10 00:59:59 UTC 2019


I've started to upgrade our testnodes hosted at OSUOSL to Debian Buster,
which translates to these nodes with these purposes.

osuosl167 (http-proxy for osuosl nodes)
osuosl168 (r-b F-Droid builds)
osuosl169 (r-b Archlinux builds)
osuosl170 (r-b Archlinux builds)
osuosl171 (r-b OpenWrt, NetBSD, Coreboot builds)
osuosl172 (r-b OpenWrt, Coreboot builds)
osuosl173 (r-b Debian rebuilder, planned)
osuosl174 (r-b openSUSE)

osuosl174 was already running Buster and in general I don't expect
any|much breakage. Famous last words, so please tell me if you notice

Once this is done, the next batch will be the amd64 and i386 nodes
running at profitbricks/ionos 1&1, and after that, armhf (in coordination
with Vagrant), and after that, jenkins itself.


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