[rb-general] RFC: 5th Reproducible Builds Summit 2019 in Marrakesh

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Fri Aug 2 03:59:01 UTC 2019


as some have noticed via the git commits, preparations for the 5th Reproducible
Builds Summit 2019 in Marrakesh have begun.

Please go to https://reproducible-builds.org/events/Marrakesh2019/ and read on
there, the format will (probably) slightly change...!

And, also, *please*, don't yet spread this URL further until the 'work in progress'
notice has been removed from this page! Thank you.

We do hope that the change of format, to allow more time for hacking together,
before and after of what we've got to know as the 'Reproducible Builds Summit',
will allow us to get more work done together, while at the same time we
will also  both strenghten and widen our community/ies.

But, we might be wrong on this, so before I sent out invitations to those
170 people who have been interested in this event in the last 4 years,
I'd like many of you to answer this little poll, by directly replying to

For whom, are
- the dates impossible?
- the location impossible?

And if you would like to / plan to to attend, will/would you be coming for
- for 3-4 days?
- for 5-6 days?
- for 7-8 days?

Also, if you have further questions or comments, please tell me and I will try 
to update the page.

I'm quite excited about this and hope you'll be too!


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