[rb-general] Reproducible Builds Summit 2018 in Paris

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Thu Sep 13 22:16:30 CEST 2018


so, once again, we'll have a a 3 day workshop event, called the 4th
Reproducible Builds summit, this time taking place at the Mozilla Office
in Paris, France, from December 11th to 13th.

https://reproducible-builds.org/events/paris2018/ is the canonical URL
which has links to more information, eg there's a link to the Mozilla
wiki recommending near by hotels etc.

So, first things first: many thanks to Mozilla for offering their 
Paris meeting space! And also many thanks to Sylvestre Ledru for 
making this a reality!

Similar to last years, the meeting will be facilitated by Gunner and Beatrice 
from Aspirationtech and the exact content of the meeting will be shaped by the
participants, though here are the main goals:

- Update & exchange about the status of reproducible builds in various projects.
- Improve collaboration both between and inside projects.
- Expand the scope and reach of reproducible builds to more projects.
- Work together and hack on solutions.
- Establish space for more strategic and long-term thinking than is possible in virtual channels.
- Brainstorm designs on tools enabling end-users to get the most benefits from reproducible builds.
- Discuss how reproducible builds will be usable and meaningful to users and developers alike.

Please note that we are still looking for more sponsors for the event 
to cover the costs for holding the meeting, feed the participants and
hopefully also cover travel and accomodations for those volunteers who
dont have company backling! Please contact me if you are interested in
your company sponsoring the event.

If you intend to participate:
- please register by sending a mail to me (the space is limited thats
- please include the name of the project you are working on with
  reproducible builds in that mail, so we can put it on the event\
  page, so others know there will be other interesting people and
  projects attending.
- if you have other food needs than 'omnivore' please tell me, so we can
  try to feed you properly.
- if you want a nice black t-shirt with the reproducible builds logo,
  please tell me your shirt size. If you want to bring extra t-shirts for
  contributing friends or co-workers, please do tell me as well.
- if you need or would benefit sanely from travel or accomodation
  sponsorship, please tell me your costs as well. No promises though.
  (But do tell me if you cannot attend otherwise, it's not unlikely
  that we'll only be able to cover some of the costs and - assuming 
  you are contributing - we want you there.)

I guess that's it for now :) Else you will surely point it out. ;)

Looking much forward to seeing you in 3 months at an interesting &
producitive meeting in Paris!


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