[rb-general] Core Debian reproducibility: 57% and rising!

David A. Wheeler dwheeler at dwheeler.com
Mon Oct 29 02:45:19 CET 2018

On Sun, 28 Oct 2018 17:42:58 -0700, Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant at debian.org> wrote:
> And now I've found 88 binary packages!

That's spectacular, and is a big tribute to the hard work everyone here is doing.

I propose that the following go into the weekly announcements:

* Vagrant Cascadian used a simple script and found that current Debian as delivered,
   57% of the packages installed in a minimal system are verifiably reproducible
   (88 reproducible and 66 unreproducible).  This is a major step forward,
   as this is not a measure of special reproducible builds created "on the side", but
   of the actual "real world" Debian packages including corroborating .buildinfo files.

Does that capture things correctly?

I'll try to add something like that in a little bit to the announcement file,
but I fear I'm stating something completely wrong.

--- David A. Wheeler

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