[rb-general] r-b t-shirts for contributors (Re: r-b logo: pantone / RAL colors)

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Sat Nov 24 13:23:51 CET 2018


so, yes, we are planning to have reproducible builds t-shirt for the
summit, but those shirts will not be 'summit themed' and in genereal
are also available to (past & present) contributors who cannot make it
to the summit.

the shirt design is not finalized yet, but they will be printed on black
cloth, with probably the logo without words on the front and the phrase
(in big) "Provide a verifiable path from source code to binary." plus
(in small font) "https://reproducible-builds.org" on the back.

if you are interested in getting one, please send me a short email
stating so, and please include your tshirt size plus a way to get them
to you. (eg (via a friend) at the summit, 35C3 or FOSDEM 2019). I'd like to
avoid individual mailings if possible, but I also want you to get a
shirt if you want one and have been contributing.


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