[rb-general] moving the remaining git repositories off alioth

Chris Lamb lamby at debian.org
Tue May 8 18:34:57 CEST 2018

Hi -general,

Geert, I can't help feel that you are trying to find a way to sublty
prod us into migrating the Git repositories from Alioth to Salsa. I
believe that is why you are getting some somewhat-strained or curious

However, please be assured that these migrations have been on our
radar for a while. Indeed, they were scheduled for a couple weeks
ago, but some life circumstances got in the way.

Please be patient just a few more days. Thank you.

> Chris: I note now that the linked commit above doesn't seem to have
> anything to do with the text surrounding it: did you meant to link
> another commit?

It refers to the "some cosmetic changes" bit that immediately
precedes it. It feels 80% clear to me but  I've made it more obvious



     : :'  :     Chris Lamb
     `. `'`      lamby at debian.org / chris-lamb.co.uk

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