[rb-general] r-b logo meeting and drafts

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Wed Mar 21 21:16:10 CET 2018


we had a reproducible builds logo today, full logs are available via
and plan to have another one in seven days!

the summary of todays meeting is this:

    introductions / collecting the agenda (h01ger, 19:00:44)
        meeting about the reproducible builds project logo and styleguide (h01ger, 19:09:04)

    status updates (h01ger, 19:10:56)
        OTF is funding Ura's work on a full fledged styleguide including logo and CSS for r-b (h01ger, 19:13:12)

    work updates (h01ger, 19:18:07)
        https://demo.identihub.co/project/reproducible-builds#/ (h01ger, 19:18:13)
        we prefer fonts which are in debian main, stable or unstable, we dont care. else they must have a free licence (h01ger, 19:23:42)

    timeline / process (h01ger, 19:23:54)
        https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=fonts-&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all (vagrantc, 19:24:54)
        AGREED: we take this to email and will have another irc meeting today in a week, so march 28th, at 18 UTC (h01ger, 19:32:06)
        AGREED: we aim to finalize our logo decision for the meeting after the next one (unless next week everybody will happy, because we'll have a great mailinglist discussion and Elio and friends will provide cool updates til then) (h01ger, 19:32:59)
        (this was more hinting on that we need to have this discussion between us, r-b folks.) (h01ger, 19:33:31)

    discussion about https://demo.identihub.co/project/reproducible-builds#/ (h01ger, 19:33:52)
        https://demo.identihub.co/project/reproducible-builds#/view/icon/element/376 (Elio, 19:46:32)

    next meeting (h01ger, 19:59:36)
        AGREED: the next meeting to discuss the r-b logo will be held here on march 28th, 18 UTC (h01ger, 20:00:00)

Finally: < Elio> Anyway, will add a bunch of variations for next time and send to the mailing list by friday

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